Superior Codelabs: Next-Generation SaaS Solutions Innovator for the Modern Business.

Superior Codelabs: Next-Generation SaaS Solutions Innovator for the Modern Business

Rosali Ghosh, Editor

The flaring 5G internet speed and momentously advancing technology is boosting the software development space. On a wider perspective, the industry is holding interesting opportunities as we are inching closer to a trillion-dollar digital economy with greater accessibility to technology in all forms. Apparently, this IT internet surge is driving newer revenue models for startups in the segment. Amongst the spectacular numbers of tech start-ups, Superior Codelabs is a name worth mentioning. Established in 2018, the prime motto of the brand is to provide software development services and several other IT services for Small, Medium & Large Enterprises.

The company is well-known for its innovation and quality. The foundation of Superior Codelabs is to offer best app development services with its dedicated team to make clients’ needs answered efficiently. The company develops and implements technology solutions to improve its clients’ productivity and efficiency. It enables its clients to become high-performance businesses. Superior Codelabs doesn’t restrict itself to mobile apps and web development but provides UI and UX designing and cloud hosting (AWS/Azure/GCP) along with technology consultancy. The SaaS solutions allow clients to to Track Progress, Monitoring Analysis, Manage Customers, Organize Campaigns, and more.

The Purpose

Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. Right from our daily purchases to commutes and transactions, technology is necessary, also it has opened the door to opportunities for several businesses as well. That being said there is an increasing need to understand it for better revenue models. Superior Codelabs is here to help companies multiply client’s revenue with technology and lead to business transformation.

Sharing about the purpose of Superior Codelabs’ establishment, Shaikh Fakruddin (CTO) remarks, “Often clients may get good tech services but lack in-person guidance from an expert. They cannot access knowledge and in- depth consultation from development service providers. Leveraging my expertise in technology and my spouse’s experience in HR and operations, we decide to create a firm, that offers end-to-end solutions with proper suggestions and support for everything. Since the start, we have grown organically with references. Any new company looking to get into the technology, perhaps choose the wrong technology or tech strategies and then regret not choosing the right path. Our vision is to help businesses make proper choices in the first go and effectively use their time on core competency.”

Unique & Acclaimed

The uniqueness of Superior Codelabs is very much evident through its name; outstanding in every aspect and advanced ahead of time. Founded in the year 2018, Superior Codelabs is a trustworthy place to get solutions related to technology.

If you are looking for an easy mobile app or website development solution, there is no better place than Superior Codelabs. The success mystery of the company is unveiled; they have a team of experts who have gained years of experience and are ready to deliver the best services. The dedicated and committed workforce who rise by lifting their fellow mates, partners, and clients is the pillar of strength that made Superior Codelabs stand a cut above the rest. The company has in-house professionals including UI/UX team, developers and research team working towards executing the projects with a high success rate. Before starting the process, Superior Codelabs understands your worries related to technology-based models and provides instant solutions. It provides customized solutions for every problem and transforms the business from a traditional to a modern tech-based interface,” he shares, “Our primary USP is our uncompromised quality and diligent service. We are available 24/7 to our customers.”

Innovations & Expansion

Superior Codelabs is an expert in SaaS product development and endeavours to innovate a sustainable SaaS model, where clients can seamlessly scale the platform. The company is on the verge of setting up a research team focused on Al and IOT to help companies solve their biggest technology and business challenges. “With a talented team of young and dynamic professionals, we can help our customers save time and resources. Investing heavily in our Al capabilities sets us apart and enables us to deliver unparalleled value” mentions Shaikh.

He further adds, “One of our recent innovations is a CRM tool for Chartered Accountants, which allows them to track taxes and portfolio of their clients. Also, real-time tracking of foreign currency rates involved in foreign exchange is one of our proud innovations. Going further, we are planning to build SaaS-based eCommerce solutions, specifically for the Indian retailers market.”

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